London/Buckinghamshire boundary. New Denham

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The London, Hillingdon/Buckinghamshire boundary goes northwards along the River Colne

The River Colne flows south westwards

Post to the east Uxbridge
Post to the south Uxbridge Moor
Post to the north Denham Roundabout
Post to the west Dromenagh

Sites on the Buckinghamshire side of the boundary

Alder Bourne

Knighton Way Lane
Brickfield Farm
Field Cottage

New Denham QuarryMineral extraction and processing plant 2009. With associated plant, lagoons, and other areas. New road and roundabout in Denham Road.

Sites on the London, Hillingdon side of the boundary

Riverside Way
Uxbridge Moor Nature Reserve. Between Frays River and the Colne, managed by London Wildlife Trust. Part of a chain of habitats along the Colne near the urban centre of Uxbridge. Where the Colne divides is an island of willow wood with elder and hawthorn, and impenetrable brambles. Part of the area is open grazed fields

Buckinghamshire County Council. Web site
London Borough of Hillingdon Web site


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