The London/Hertfordshire border - Northwood

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The London, Hillingdon/ Hertfordshire boundary goes south east along the north of Morgan Close and then along Mount View

Post to the north Northwood
Post to the east Pinner Wood

Sites on the London, Hillingdon side of the border

Carew Road
1905 suburban developments Frank Carew
Frithwood Primary School
4, 7, 15 Arts and Crafts
5 - 9 c1910. Pair of houses by C.H.B. Quennell in the “Arts and Crafts” style.
Frithwood Park

Cervantes Court
The only road named after this writer in London and one of a group of ‘cultural’ road names,

Cullera Close
Spanish influenced design

Frithwood Avenue
2, 5 Arts and Crafts
17, 19, 20 Arts and Crafts
24 Arts and Crafts

Hallowell Road
St Matthew RC
St John's Presbyterian Church. Founded 1905. This was used as a VAD - Voluntary Aid Detachment - hospital during World War 1.
Chalk well, shaft under a lawn with some sort of cap on it
Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue In 1966 they moved to a former Methodist hall here. The Primitive Methodists built the church next in 1903, with further extensions made in 1910 and 1927. Enemy action caused considerable damage to the building in 1944.Closed 1965.

High Street
Old cinema building – small and eccentric

Hilliard Road
One of a group of ‘cultural’ road names in the area

Gatehill Road
Gatehill Farmhouse. Listed

Green Lane
Northwood Station. 1st September 1887, Between Moor Park and Northwood Hills on the Metropolitan Line. . So few passengers arrived in the early weeks that it was said that the line was doomed to failure. The station was the enterprise of Murray Maxwell Hallowell Carew. 1960s rebuilt with a new skew bridge 160' long
24-38 Arts and Crafts shops
55-57 Barclays Bank
Coal post east side of the railway and north of the footbridge 800 yards north of the station. Inscription on all four sides
War memorial. War memorial. Designed by a local man and unveiled in 1921
St.Helen’s School
78 former Midland Bank

Maxwell Road
9-19 Arts and Crafts shops
21-25 Arts and Crafts shops
30 32 houses with relief stucco work
Northwood College by W Gilbert Scott.1891

Murray Road
24 Arts and Crafts house by Briggs
Police Station a rare example of an Arts and Crafts police station with its lamp post, call box and white police sign over the entrance Famous as one of the only two stations with a White rather than a Blue Light, by public demand. Grade II listed

'Northern wood', being to the north of Ruislip. ‘Northwode’ 1435 and there was a small Tudor village in the area.. This was the northern part of the rural parish of Ruislip where firewood gathering was an economic activity for locals and it was a pre-1914 Metroland development . David Carnegie JP put his Eastbury estate on the market on 25th March 1887 when the railway was announced. It was bought by Murray Maxwell Hallowell Carew, son of one of Nelson’s captains, Carew sold the land of as building plots with a condition that houses should cost at least £750 except for cheaper cottages in the High Street. Roads were named after him and members of his family.

Northwood Way
153-163 Morgan and Edwards 1934

Oakland Gate
Library – modern and simple
Liberal Synagogue in an Arts and Crafts house
Methodist Church, conventional 1920s

Waverley Gardens
One of a group of ‘cultural’ road names in the area

Woodsford Square
Modern Movement terraces and leafy greens1968 by Fry Drew and Partners for Wates.


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