The London/Hertfordshire Border - Battlerswells

The London, Hillingdon/ Hertfordshire boundary goes in a south easterly direction crosses a path, crosses a path to Harefield Farm. It meets Shrubs Lane and continues south east down it.
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Area to the south of Rickmansworth with areas of woodland, much of it preserved. Scattered farms and posh houses built on farm sites and mainly now in office and similar use.

Post to the east Mount Vernon

Sites on the London, Hillingdon side of the border

Northwood Road
Old Reservoir
Top Wood
Pearsons Wood
SikoraHarefield Reservoir
The Toll House, listed

Sites on the Three Rivers/Hertfordshire side of the border

Shrubs Road/Woodcock Hill
Coal post. 200 yards south west of Woodcock Hill Farm and 300 yards west of Battlers Wells Farm
Harefield Grove Farm. In 1684, this was once called Guttersdean Farm. In the 19th exotic fruits and vegetables were grown here in over 100 greenhouses with 50 miles of hot water piping. The house is grade II listed house 18th but altered and now used as offices. It has an important landscaped garden. A studio here was used as CI5’s HQ in ‘The Professionals’ and also in episodes of ‘Blake 7’.
Battlerswells Farm
Bishops Wood – part of area of Bishop’s Wood Country Park. Managed by Three Rivers Council. It occupies both sides of a shallow east-west valley with a stream running through,. Thee is a woodland pond, and swallow holes in the north-west corner where drainage occurs. Conifers have been planted but it is mainly mixed species woodland part ancient semi-natural and part planted ancient woodland sites ground flora includes blue bells, wood spurge, spotted orchid, wood sorrel, ragged robin, Braken and bramble are dominant. Birch and beech regenerate and native broadleaves have been planted. There are also ancient wood banks with hornbeam and oak. The woodland boundary is dominated by mature oak, An SSSI has been rescinded
Poor Wood
Woodcock Hill Barns

Coal Posts. Web site
Hertfordshire County Council. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. Hertfordshire
Three Rivers Council. Web site


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