Tributary to the River Stort - Sayes Park

Tributary to the River Stort
The Tributary flows south

Post to the north Manor of Groves
Post to the east Redrick Lane
Post to the south Pole Hill
Post to the west Gilston

High Wych Road
Fox Earths
Sayes Park Farm. The manor of Sawbridgeworth was passed in 1189 to Beatrice de Say and the manor took the name of Sayesbury and her family took on the manorial rights and duties. The manor passed through many hands and came to the crown in 1553 when it was leased. In 1572–3 Sayes Park farm was leased to William Lord Burghley, and later other important government officials. In 1689 this consisted of the manor of Sayesbury, Sayes Park farm and other properties – including mills and Sayes Coppice. What is left is Sayes Park Farm – including Park Field, Corn Park, and Grass Park which preserve the name of the ancient manorial park, and Dovehouse Field the manorial dovecote.   The land around it was once a deer park.


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