Tributary to the River Stort - Hubbard's Hall

Thames Tributary – tributary to the River Stort
The Tributary flows north towards the Stort

Post to the south Church Langley
Post to the north Old Harlow

Hobbs Cross Road
Hubbard’s Hall Estate
Hubbard’s Hall. The Hall is outside the town boundaries but within the parish and a dependent of Harlowbury. In the 12th it was a real manor holding courts and having all sorts of rights. The name of the holder seems to have been Hubert which gradually changed to Hubbard.  By the 14th they were a major local family – eventually one of them was one of Henry VII’s chief secretaries. After that it had a succession of important owners.  The house was a large hall divided into two rooms in the 17th and there were alterations in the 18th and 19th century additions were made and in the 20th a wing was added from designs by Clough Williams -Ellis. Now a children’s home
Hubbard’s Hall Farm
Outbuildings converted to housing



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