Tributary to the River Stort - Church Langley

Thames Tributary – tributary to the River Stort
The tributary rises in this area and flows northwards to the Stort
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Suburban area on the eastern side of Harlow, with a landmark water tower on the M11

Post to the north Hubbards Hall
Post to the west Potter Street

Barnsley Wood, small area of ancient woodland and now a nature reserve

Church Langley
Harlow housing area built up in the 1990s

Foster Street
This is a contraction of "Forester Street"
Foster Street Farm

Langley Lane
This led north from Foster Street to the Old House.

Farm track below it in a tunnel
Farm track crossing it on a bridge
Water Tower.  It was built in 1993 for the Church Langley area and owned and operated by Veolia Water, a French company, previously Three Valleys Water.  In order to support it piles were driven into the ground and a concrete rafts sits on top of them.  A spiral stair rises inside the column to the water tanks.  Near the tower is a drainage lagoon to take water discharged from the tower overflow, or rainwater from the roof. Water is discharged from the lagoon to an adjacent ditch.

Old Hall Lane
New road in Church Langley referring to the Old House, demolished a long time ago

Shoe Lane

British History Online. Harlow. Web site
Veolia Web site


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