Fiddlers Brook - Gilston

Thames Tributary Fiddlers Brook
Fiddlers Brook (aka Golden Brook) flows south towards the River Stort

Post to the east Sayes Park
Post to the north Acton's Lane
Post to the south Gilston Park

Gilston Park.  The laboratory research complex was set up by of Smith & Nephew in the 1950s, the multinational pharmaceutical group.  The area has now been developed for housing. (The house and most of the park is in the square to the south
Fiddlers Brook going through the park to the lake. 

Church Lane.
Overhall Farm. Set up after the conquest by Norman Geoffrey de Mandeville as a manor house called Overhall or Upper Hall.  It passed through various owners and is now a farm.
St Mary. Originally this was a 13th flint hilltop church of a deserted medieval village with a brick tower – which was rebuilt in the 16th and now had battlements and a spike. Then, in 1852 it was ‘restored’ by Philip Hardwick for John Hodgson of Gilston Park.  There is a 13th screen which is an early example of woodwork. The font is 12th.  It is said that once there were medieval wall paintings of devils and sinners. There is a monument to Bridget Gore 1659, a white standing figure in shrouds. The organ was built by Bedwell & Sons for the drawing-room at Gilston Park, and was given by the squire. It was rebuilt in 1939.

Gilston Green Lane
Channocks Farm. Farm house with the date '1854' and 'IH' on plaques – the IH is for John Hodgson Esq of Gilston Park. This is a brock building on the pattern for farms on the Gilston Park Estate and similar to the others.  Barn and farm buildings - the date '1854' is shown on a gable. This is a group with a timber framed weather boarded barn and brick buildings around a horse yard and a cattle yard. These were model farm
buildings from John Hodgson's Gilston Park Estate 1854 redevelopment and perhaps by architect Philip Hardwick

Stable Cottage. This has the date of '1868' and 'IH' on date stones, and it was built for John Hodgson Esq of Gilston Park.
Channocks Farm Cottages
Golden Hill
Rectory Plantation
Dairy Cottages
Rectory. This has 'AD 1889' on a brick panel. It was built by
Fred Chancellor for E S Bowlby of Gilston Park in red brick and Arts and
Crafts style.
Sold in 1978 .

Gilston Lane
Church Cottages. Two houses with'1852' on the gable. These are estate houses on a prominent corner site built for the Gilston Park Estate under John Hodgson.
Black Cottage. 17th
house later extended timber framed and plastered hillside house

Cumberland Lodge. The date or '1855' is on a gable. Built as the Lodge to Gilston Park for John Hodgson and probably by Philip   Hardwick and in similar materials to the main house. Called Cumberland because the main estate of the Hodgson family was at Bowness in Cumberland,


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