Todd Brook - Church Langley

Todd Brook Tributary to the River Stort
Todd Brook rises in this area and flows north
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Suburban area which was part of Harlow as a 'New Town'.

Post to the east Church Langley
Post to the west Latton

Brenthall Wood
Ancient woodland with a pond. Piggeries now demolished.

Church Langley Way
Church Langley community centre
Church Langley primary school
Potters Arms. New ‘family’ pub

Kingsdon Lane
Used to be called Mill Lane
Kingsdon Hall. House built 1700 timber framed and rendered. Site of the home of Thomas atte Crosse. In the mid-14th it was the home of someone called Kingstone.  It may have been used as a school in the 19th.

Mallards Rise
Barn for Barnsley Cottage. This is a 16th aisled barn, timber framed and, weather boarded.  The posts and main components are medieval but the structure is 16th
Barnsley Cottage

Minton Lane
Reservoir. Used as a fishing pond. This was built in the late 1960s as a reservoir partly to provide water for Soper’s Farm and it was known as Soper’s Tank. It is now a private fishery – Church Langley Fishery.

Potter Street
Potter Street was of course the old main London Road replaced by the rebuilt London Road to the west in the 1960s.
Potter Street is probably named for potters who worked here. A house called Pot House was leased to two potters in the 17th. This may refer to cottages between Pyatt Field and Carter’s Mead.
7 S & J Juniper. Laboratory equipment works

Red Lion Lane
Kitchen Hall. At the conquest the manor was given to Eustace Earl of Boulogne.  The Farmhouse is 17th Timber framed and roughcast rendered
Windmill held by Kitchen Hall was to the south on the common.

British History online. Harlow. Web site
British Listed Buildings. Web site
Church Langley Fishery. Web site
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