Fiddlers Brook - Gilston Park

Thames Tributary Fiddlers Brook
The Fiddlers Brook flows south east towards the River Stort

Post to the north Gilston
Post to the east Pole Hill
Post to the south Burnt Mill

Eastwick Road
Fiddlers Bridge.18th red brick bridge.

Gilston Park
This had been farmland with a manor house called Netherhall which had been set up after the Conquest and had a succession of wealthy owners. In 1550, Henry Chauncy bought Netherhall and rebuilt it as a stone house called New Place.  In the 17th the land around the house was enclosed by Humphrey Gore and then became the area of the park. Under later successive wealthy owners the house and gardens became grander and grander.  In 1850 it was bought by John Hodgson who rebuilt everything in the area as a model this or that and also rebuilt the big house. Later it was owned by the Bowlby family and in the Second World War became an officers' billet and then a military hospital for the RAF. After the war it was became a country club and was taken over by Hammer Films who made some films there and then by Smith and Nephew who built a laboratory in the grounds. It has now been turned into private housing.
The House with 'IH' '1852' on the entrance porch built by Philip Hardwick for John Hodgson. Later in 1887 additions were made by A W Blomfield. It is built in limestone rubble in a Tudor style. To the rear is a turret game larder and above a battlemented square clock tower. There is a glass and iron conservatory with a Grotto and pool
Lake. Ornamental Lake formed in the 19th by damming the Fiddlers Brook. There is a dam at both ends but the one at the north end includes ac cascade. This was a reworking of an earlier dam by Philip Hardwick for John Hodgson. The central overflow became a waterfall or cascade over a cliff of artificial stone. In 1902 it was used to drive an electric turbine the foundations of which remain
The Chase –this is a wood which was the site of a medieval manor called Giffards – the remains consist of an earth mound and a moat.
Garden house which is in fact the remains of New Place which preceded the present big house at Gilston Park. It is in effect a 19th porch. This is stucco made to look like stone and there is a bust of Elizabeth with underneath "Fear God. Obaye. The Rial. Queen/Spaines Rod; Romes Rvine Netherlandes Reliefe; Earthes joy, England's gemme, World's Wonder, Natures Chief".

Pye Corner
Plume of Feathers Pub. 300 years old and originally a house. Timber framed and plastered the manor courts were held here from 1702 and in the mild 19th it was the Plummer-Ward's Arms. Outbuildings consist of a 18th timber framed and weather boarded old cow house
War Memorial. Simple column and cross to the dead in the Great War
2618th house
27 House with '1864' on a gable. Red brick, estate house built by Gilston Park Estate under John Hodgson.
28 House with '1860' on a gable. A red brick, estate cottage in a slightly different style to others built by the Gilston Park Estate under John Hodgson.
29 Shiptons. 17th house. Timber framed and plastered House once used as a shop
30 17th house timber framed, and plastered
44 Fiddlers Cottage. 17th house timber framed and roughcast this was once three houses.
88 - 89 two 18th Timber framed house-once a single house
Cast iron pump with double spurred spout near corner of 88
Broadleaf sawmill
Village hall. Built in 1908 by one of the Bowlbys. Over the door is a memorial plaque and armorial shield


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