River Stort - Harlow Temple

Thames Tributary River Stort
The Stort flows south westwards

Post to the east Harlow Mill
Post to the north Redrick Lane
Post to the west Pole Hill

Redrick Lane

Redricks Farm house. 17th or earlier timber frame plastered house with additions into the 20th. At the rear a square early 19th timber framed weather boarded privy.
Redricks Cottages
Redricks Lake. An outdoor swimming venue from 2011 in addition to carp fishing.

River Way
Part of trading estate with many industrial units
Harlow temple. This appears to be a Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman religious site, and medieval moot . It seems to have been a sacred grove on a natural hillock where debris was found which is probably votive offerings - Coins, brooches, lots of fragments of this and that.   The earliest deposits found were five Bronze Age cremations from 1400 to 1000 BC.  There was thought to be a later Iron Age religious centre through the discovery of many gold and bronze coins and brooches – the votive offerings. Lying above them was a Romano-Celtic temple which has been excavated and dated to the end of the 1st AD being altered and continuing to be used up to the 4th. The mound was later used as a Saxon and medieval moot.

Temple Bank
Trading Estate units
Harlow Recycling Centre


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