Todd Brook - Netteswellbury

Todd Brook Tributary to the river Stort
Todd Brook continues to flow west and south west

Post to the east Latton
Post to the west The High

Long Ley
The Moors. A long thin glade with woodland, grassland and stream

Maddox Road
Pypers Hatch.  The Hatches were small local areas providing shops and facilities in the New Town plans.

Manston Road
Netteswell Rectory, Red brick house 1760. Now a care home.

Monkswick Road
Sydenham House Clinic
Jack and Jill’s Nursery
The Heart and Club. Local bar – the name is that of a sort of moth and reflects the use in the New Town to call pubs after butterflies and moths.

Second Avenue
Netteswell Pond. The embanked monastic fishponds of Netteswellbury built on behalf of Waltham Abbey in the 1060s.  At the south side are the remains of the walled garden of the Martin family with lived here in the 17th. This is now a fishery.

Tendering Road
Playing fields

Tripton Road
St Marks West Essex Catholic Secondary School. An academy school

Waterhouse Moor
The Nettleswellbury Manor was part of the endowment of Waltham Abbey by Harold Godwin in 1060. After the dissolution it passed through various ownerships as a farm.  In the 17th a big house was built here by the Martin family, but was eventually replaced by the farm house.
Church of St Andrew. 13th church built of coursed flints and pebbles which may have been built in association with the manor here by Waltham Abbey. There is a bell turret with broach spire and a timber framed porch. Inside, a red brick panel has the rebus of late 15th Abbot Rose, of Waltham Abbey.  On either side of the altar is panelling from the 17th house here built by the Martin family.  It is now part of the study centre having been made redundant in 1978.
The Humming Bird.  Built in 1969 on the site of some of the churchyard.
Nettwellsbury Farm. Harlow Council Care Home.
Harlow Study Centre. Closed.
Monks Barn. 15th building, timber-framed with aisles to north and south and black weatherboarding. The carpentry is said to be outstanding particularly in regard to jointing.  The barn was damaged in a fire in 1970 but has been restored.
Barn. 15th building timber framed with black weatherboards.
Agricultural buildings 15th with timber frame and black weatherboards
Netteswellbury House. Early 19th plastered brick house


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