Turkey Brook - East Lodge

Turkey Brook
Turkey Brook flows south eastwards

Rural and recreational area to the north of Enfield

Post to the north Crews Hill
Post to the east Whitewebbs
Post to the south Ridgeway

Crews Hill Golf Club
Founded in 1916. In the 1930s, as a result of Green Belt legislation, the land was purchased by Middlesex County Council from Trinity College Cambridge.

East Lodge Lane
The lane was built as one of the requirements of the enclosure Act of the 1780s;
East Lodge. Lodge of Enfield Chase - now East Lodge Business Village – antique dealers.  The Chase was divided into three 'walks' in the late 15th and it is probable that the Lodge dates from that time. East Lodge, is said to have been a hunting seat of Charles I but it was used as a keeper's lodge . Under the Commonwealth it was also known as Norris Lodge and was sold. It then included 38 acres and what was to become a gentleman's house. The Chase was divided up from the 17th and the lodges were those leased out with land making up an estsate - East Lodge held 114 acres in 1845.  They remained however with  the Duchy of Lancaster.  The Lodge was rebuilt in 1668 by Charles, Lord Gerard, earl of Macclesfield and was later leased by Alexander Wedderburn, Lord Chancellor and earl of Rosslyn and called Red Lodge. It was demolished before 1823. The modern building is on the site of another demolished building - The White Lodge.

Kings Oak Plain

Crews Hill Golf Club. Web site
Pam. Enfield Chase


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