Northaw Brook - Barvin Park

Northaw Brook
Northaw Brook flows eastwards and is joined by tributaries from the south west.
Hempshill Brook flows south east 

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Housing on the site of an old school on an isolated country road, surrounded by farm land and woods

Post to the west Potters Bar
Post to the south Barvin Park
Post to the east Cattlegate
Post to the north Northaw

Woodgate Avenue

Housing on the site of St.Raphael’s School

The brothers of the Hospitaller Order  of St. John managed this as a home for mentally     
handicapped men and women. There were six monks and fifty other staff. Barvin Park was a grand country house  purchased by the order in 1930 and later used for administration. A villa was built in 1955, and later the Pavilion was added.  The site now appears to be private housing - although some of the original building may remain.
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