Cuffley Brook - Whitewebbs

Cuffley Brook
The Cuffley Brook flows south and west

Post to the north Crews Hill
Post to the west East Lodge
Post to the south Chase Farm
Post to the east Whitewebbs Park

Theobald’s Park Road
The road is lined with nurseries and garden centres
St.John's Primary School. This is a Church of England School attached to the Church of St. John the Baptist, Clay Hill. It was opened in 1867 and was remodelled in 1969 as a village school when there were two classrooms and 50 or so pupils.  Further work has extended it since.
Kings Oak Farm and Riding School. Now an equestrian centre.

Whitewebbs Road
Whitewebbs Pumping Station and Museum of Transport. In 1895 the New River Company sank a well here. It had two inverted vertical compound steam pumping engines by R Moreland & Son- (one of which was reused in Bromley, Kent -   and a chimney since demolished.  It was built to feed a loop which used an old channel of the New River to the New River itself. It is in red brick. Building with large arched windows and big pedimented porch built 1897-8 by Joseph Francis and Reginald E Middleton. In the basement is a well 123m deep lined with cast iron segments, then bricks. This shaft goes down to the chalk and there were had two side galleries one going to Theobald’s Road with nine boreholes, the other with six, However the station could not provide the amount of water required and it was decommissioned in 1952.  In 1961 the Enfield and District Veteran Vehicle society was founded building up a collection of period motorcycles, cars, and commercial and public service vehicles. They set up a Trust, became a charity in 1979 and then purchased the pumping station in 1985. A vehicle shelter has been built of re-used cast-iron columns from Enfield Chase station.  
Feeder channel – when the pumping station was opened an old channel of the New River on the north side of Cuffley Brook was opened to send water to the New River at Turkey Street – and a pipeline from the pumping station crosses the adjacent field and feeds to it.


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