Cuffley Brook - Cuffley

Cuffley Brook
Cuffley Brook flows southwards towards the River Lee
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Suburban area of Cuffley Village with the Zeppelin Memorial - only exciting thing which has ever happened in Cuffley

Post to the north Newgatestreet
Post to the east Goff's Oak
Post to the south Cuffley

East Ridgeway
Memorial. This is to Leefe Robinson who shot down the first Zeppelin of the Great War in September 1916. The wreckage fell into fields nearby and the crew perished. Thus was the end of extensive Zeppelin attacks on Britain. The site had to be guarded by police from souvenir hunters and the day became known as `Zeppelin Sunday'. Robinson was awarded the VC, the first for an airman but died of flu aged 23. The memorial was erected in 1921 following an appeal in the Daily Express but was rededicated in 1986.  The Zeppelin was piloted by a man born and brought up in Charlton, south east London

Hills Ley
3 A subsidence was recorded at in 1979. The property was built in 1973/74 in the gardens of an older property.  In 1974 a 2m. deep depression appeared and was filled with spoil. It reappeared in 1978 and was 2.5m. deep and was also filled in.

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