Cuffley Brook - Brookmans Park

Cuffley Brook
Cuffley Brook rises in this area from several sources and flows eastwards
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Important transmitting station on the Great North Road to Hatfield

Post to the east Great Wood

Great North Road
Brookmans Park Transmitting Station. This square covers the southern section only. The station serves London and some of the South East of England with AM radio and is sited on one of the highest hills in Hertfordshire. It was opened in 1929 by the BBC as the station in the world to transmit two separate radio channels simultaneously. It is now owned by Arqiva and transmits commercial radio. Telecoms companies can rent space there for satellite and mobile phone transmission. In the south east there is a T aerial which transmits the Virgin and Sunrise services. 
Reservoir and water tower constructed by British Reinforced Concrete in 1914

Kentish Lane
George’s Wood

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