Cuffley Brook - Newgatestreet

Cuffley Brook
The Cuffley Brook flows eastwards and is joined by another branch from the north and then flows south.

Post to the south Cuffley
Post to the north Ponsbourne Park
Post to the west Carbone Hill

Carbone Hill
Tolmers Park. Tolmers Manor belonged to the Bishop of Ely in the early middle ages of whom Walter de Tolymer was a tenant. After the dissolution it was held by the Earl of Leicester and then the Crown. In the mid17th the Tudor manor house was replaced by the current Italianate building. In the Great War it became a military hospital and then The Royal Victoria Patriotic, girls’ boarding school. It became a hospital again in the Second World War, and continued as a geriatric unit until the 1980s.  It is now flats.

Darnicle Street
Coal post. Coal tax post at the point at which the road name changes to Newgate Street, and by the stream.  This coal post is said also to have been under the railway bridge but which has now gone.
Thames Water booster pumping station
Pumping Station – now converted to housing. It is a 19th pump house above a well in the chalk built by the Metropolitan Water Board.
Newgate Street Bridge over Cuffley Brook with concrete road block from the Second World War

Newgate Street
Recreation Ground
Coal post. This is supposed to be south of Newgate Street and north of Carbone Hill but seems to have gone.
Railway Bridge. Underneath are a line of concrete anti tank road blocks from the Second World War.


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