Grimes Brook - Nyn Manor

Grimes Brook
Grimes Brook rises in this area and flows north east

Post to the north Great Wood
Post to the south Northaw

Handpost Hill
Nyn Manor Farm. This was the home farm for Nyn Manor with a 19th farmhouse. Stable which has 17th brick walls and on the side four 19th ventilators in wooden frames. Barn and wall built in 17th Timber framed and weather boarded on a brick base
Pillbox from the Outer London Defence Line in a field to the west of the road

Outer London Defence Line trench
This ran from the Ridgeway via Nyn Manor Farm and then back to the junction with Carbonne Road.  Most remains have now disappeared.

This was built as a toll road in 1811
Pillbox to the rear of one of the properties and looking down towards Nyn Manor Farm

Vineyards Road
Land west of the road as far as Nyn Manor was planted as woodland by Major F. Russell Dore on farmland.  This is covenanted to prevent future development


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