Cobbins Brook - Pick Hill

Cobbins Brook

Cobbins Brook flows south west towards the River Lee and is joined by a tributary from the north

Post to the north Breach Barns
Post to the west Paternoster Hill
Post to the south Ninefields Estate

Pick Hill

Pickhill farm
Barn Court - conversion of unbelievable proportions

Leads to a selection of nurseries and vegetable farms. Some derelict, some not, some now scrap yards, some burnt down

Warlies Park
Cobbin Pond. Also called Buxton’s Pond – it dates from the early 20th when the Buxton family owned the house. Features bullrushes.
Wood south of the pond with oak and hornbeam
Wood west of the pond in a wet area with willow, blackthorn and elder
West Hill


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