Tributary to Cobbins Brook - Wintry Park

Tributary to Cobbins Brook

The tributary flows north west to Cobbins Brook

Post to the west Epping

Frampton Road
Lindsey Street Community Centre, The Association and hall was founded and built by local residents in the early 1950`s for local families. Its original small wooden building has been greatly extended with the addition of a large hall

High Road
The turnpike road started from the junction with Thornwood Road
Brickfield House and Business Centre. Site of previous brickfield.

Lindsey Street
30 site of Epping Brewery.the stables, hay loft and dray house remain in the garden of the house which was built over the old engine house, copper and steam plant as an off-licence in 1950. The bottling store remains in light industrial use

Thornwood Road
This was previously called The Plain.
Epping Plain. Together with Wintry Wood this makes up the Great Forest – a detached part of Epping Forest
Wintry Park Farm. Late 18th farmhouse.  Wintry means 'winter enclosure' and is noted in 1200
Wintry Park House. The name is first noted in 1403 and this was a farm in the 18th
Almshouses. Built as part of a bequest from Stonards. Built in 1877; as three double-fronted cottages, in red brick
Wintry Wood. The wood is part of the Great Forest and the name of Wintry Wood has been transferred here from the opposite side of the turnpike road
Wintry Wood Cottage & Kennels
Hole in the Wall Garage –site being redeveloped


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