Cobbins Brook - Orange Wood

Cobbins Brook
Cobbins Brook flows south west towards the River Lee and is joined by a tributary from the south and another from the north.

Post to the north Epping Upland
Post to the east Bury Farm
Post to the south Copped Hall Estate
Post to the west Parvill

Gills Farm.
Gills was a manor of Epping and took its name from that of a family which were Waltham Abbey’s tenants there, and it later became part of the Copped Hall Estate. The farmhouse is a 16th building, timber-framed, plastered, and weather-boarded. Like every other manor in the area  - there is also a moat.

Orange Field Plantation
Oak in a plantation with scots pine and poplar. There is also some coppiced hazel and some other self generating woodland. There are paths and bridle paths and a pond.

Orange Peel
A strip of oak woodland

Orange Wood
Oak woodland with some other trees and in a wood criss-crossed with bridle paths.


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