Tributary to Cobbins Book - Copped Hall Estate

Tributary to Cobbins Brook
The tributary flows northwards towards Cobbins Brook
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Countryside area adjacent to the Copped Hall Estate

Post to the south Copped Hall Estate
Post to the north Orange Wood
Post to the west Spratt's Hedgerow Wood

Fitches Plantation
Rectangle of woodland with a strip projecting from the north east corner and a pond in the same area.  There is oak with hawthorn, elm, elder and sycamore.
Pillbox at the tip of the projection. Octagonal and built of brick and concrete
Outer London Defence Ring – ran north-south down the eastern edge of Fitches Plantation

Little Rookery Wood
Oak woodland plus an area of hornbeam near the centre. There are paths and bridleways through the wood

Pondfield Plantation
Ash and hazel woodland

Spratts Hedgerow
A narrow stretch of wood with poplar and scots pine recently planted
Pillbox of brick and concrete, octagonal pillbox hidden in woodland on the north east corner of the wood

Tributary Stream
In parts this stream acted as part of the anti-tank ditch built as part of the Outer London Stop Line.

Defence of Britain, Web site
Essex County Council. Web site


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