Tributary to Cobbins Brook - Parvill

Tributary to Cobbins Brook
The tributary flows south towards Cobbins Brook

Post to the east Orange Wood
Post to the south Spratt's Hedgerow Wood

The road to Parvill from All Saints church links the medieval manors of the area and is thus likely to be ancient
Outer London Defence Stop Line Ditch– this crossed the field from Parvills Farm gate and then continued along the field boundary to the corner of Gills Plantation
Balhill Wood. This is ancient woodland containing Oak and Hornbeam coppice. There is also some planted Scots Pine and Larch.
Pillbox An octagonal brick and concrete pillbox stands near the north east edge of the wood. This was part of the structure of the Outer London Ring anti-tank ditch
Parvill. Farmhouse. This is 16th including part of an earlier building. It is Timber framed and plastered and with many ancient features still in place. There is a puddingstone boulder near the gate. A Second World War pillbox stood by the gate as part of the defence of the Outer London Stop Line. Some small pieces of concrete remain,
Barn and granary from the 16th also Timber framed and weather boarded which is now converted to housing.
Gills Plantation. A plantation containing oak, ash and hazel. There is a bridle path lined with pines. Pillbox. An octagonal structure of brick and concrete on the north east corner as part of the Outer London Defence Ring and Ditch. It is adjacent to a water filled gully.


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