Theobalds Brook - Bury Green

Theobald’s Brook
Theobald’s Brook flows south east and meets two tributary streams from the south
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Countryside area to the west of Cheshunt, crossed by the New River

Post to the south Theobalds
Post to the west Broadfield Farm
Post to the east Cheshunt

Barrow Lane
Cemetery. Opened 1855 and managed by the local authority.

Bury Green Lane 
This is a continuation of Green Lanes which was the drove road into London. The southern part of the road remains a footpath and to the south of it is a stretch of the Theobald’s Wall of 1620.   It is also on the line of both the Boundary Bank which divides one sort of inheritance law from another and Ermine Street – and it is also claimed this was the boundary between Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.
Tumulus at Bury Green – in the past historians once described a ‘Druidical mound; in this area with ascending paths corresponding to the four cardinal points. Not clear if this existed, or where it was if it did.
Bury Green Farm. The farmhouse is said to have been built in 1892 by Sir Henry Meux and there is a plaque to him on the building. The outbuildings are older.
St.Mary’s Church of England High School. This has been built on the site of Bury Green farm. The school dates from 1878 and was originally in Churchgate.
Council housing built post-Second World War

Flamstead End Relief Road
Broom Hills – ancient woodland owned by the local authority
Burygreen Plantation

New River
There is a footpath along New River from the Flamstead Relief Road.
New River Co. marker - near the access gate

Tudor Close
Stile onto the New River path

British History on line. Cheshunt
Essex Lopresti. The New River
St.Mary's School. Web site


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