Cobbins Brook - Epping Upland

Cobbins Brook
Cobbins Brook flows from two sources south west towards the Lee. It is joined by a tributary from the south east and another from the north west.

Post to the north Marles Farm
Post to the west Epping Upland
Post to the south Epping

Upland Road
Hayleys Manor Farm. 19th red brick farmhouse which is on the site of the original medieval Hayleys manor.  This was one of the original manor of Epping and took its name from a 14th family. In 1840 the manor was owned by the parish of St. Anne and St. Agnes, Aldersgate but was later merged in the Copped Hall estate. Part of the moat survives near the stream to the west of the house.
Pinch Timber Farm. Farmhouse 16th Timber framed and weather boarded .18th Barn, timber framed and weather boarded


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