Thames Tributary River Ravensbourne - Gallows Corner

Thames Tributary River Ravensbourne
The Ravensbourne rises in this area and flows southwards to join the River Rom

Post to the south Squirrels Heath

Post to the east Harold Wood Station

Post to the west Gidea Park

Eastern Avenue East
Built in the 1950s this was numbered A106 but has since taken over the A12 route and has been so renumbered. Construction along with and Southend Arterial Road began as a single project in 1921, and the route opened to traffic in 1924. It was built with a wide single carriageway

Colchester Road
A12, continues on the line of the Roman Road
The Plough. Closed in 2007 – burnt down in 2011. Said to be an old pub site on the Great Essex Road from the middle ages.
Woodman’s Cottages. These were adjacent to the Plough but have now gone.
Sculpture called ‘Romans’ by David Gerstein.

Gallows Corner
Said to have been close to the site of a gallows which is thought to have been north of Eastern Avenue East and south of Masefield Crescent. It was known as Romford Gallows and was for people tried for capital offences in Havering at Quarter Sessions. There were said to be executions here in the 16th and 17th. In 1791 the local court resolved to remove the gallows elsewhere until 1815. Supposed to have been lots of highwaymen here.
Road junction of a roundabout with five exits
Flyover – this links the first and third exits and which has some problems.
River Ravensbourne once known as Bolles or Bowles Brook rises in this area
Masefield Crescent
Built up from the mid-1930s

Harrow Crescent
Built up from the mid-1930s

Main Road
This was originally the Great Essex Road, later numbered A12 starting as a divergence form the A11 in Stratford, and running along the Roman road through Ilford and Romford up to Gallows Corner. It has since been replaced by Eastern Avenue and renumbered A118.
Gidea Park Sports ground and park. Romford Hockey Club and Cricket Clubs. In the 1950s and 60s it hosted games at County level.

Neave Close
Ravensbourne School for children with special needs. Opened in 1972 in a former social services training centre West Marsh House.

Romford Common
Romford Common ran from Gallows Corner northwards and about a hundred yards east of Straight Road, but stretched north and westwards. An Act of Enclosure was passed in 1811.

Straight Road
This was previously Gallows Lane. And was widened after enclosure and was built up from 1920
Police Station

Southend Arterial Road
The road was built in combination with Eastern Avenue and opened by Prince William in 1925. It begins at Gallows Corner.
Avenue Industrial Estate.

Widecombe Close
At the end is  a big 19th house. At one time the home of Bryant of Bryant and May. Maybe Angus Croll too


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