Thames Tributary River Rom - Haveringwell

Thames Tributary River Rom
The Rom continues to flow southwards

Post to the north Romford
Post to the south Eastbrookend

Romford Canal - south of the road there is what appears to be evidence of the canal behind trees. North of the road the route of the canal can be traced in undergrowth up the the YMCA car park.

Grenfell Avenue
Grenfell Hall Methodist church was opened in 1936 on a site given by developer Thomas England. It was two storeys.
Grenfell Park site given by developer Thomas England. The park runs alongside the River Rom and Much of if is used for conservation purposes with links to Thames Chase Nature Reserve.

Lyon Road
Brooke Trading Estate

Hornchurch Road
Roneo Corner. This was named for the large factory site of Roneo Vickers who make office equipment. During the 1890s part of the site was occupied by a bicycle factory and later, in 1908. The Neostyle Manufacturing Co., who became Roneo Ltd., opened its works here and by 1924 British Neopost Ltd was making a single value postal franking machine. They became Roneo Neopost Ltd, in 1931 and carried on with that business but later armaments were made here in the Second World War. In 1966 Roneo was acquired by Vickers Ltd. and in 1980 Vickers sold the business to Alcatel, and by that time they were making duplicators as their main product.
Crown Pub on a medieval site. It is claimed the pub dates from 1433, but been almost entirely rebuilt by 1923.It was once owned by the Hornchurch Brewery.
Havering Well. A hamlet existed here in the 13th and there was a well here as late as 1777. It was known then as Hornchurch Lane Spring and was seen as a medicinal well and in the early 20th there were still a number of springs behind the Roneo factory. The spring is commemorated by a plaque in ‘Havering Well Garden’.
South Essex Water Works Company. Pumping station for water supply to Romford in the 19th.

Old Church Park
Gravel extraction in this area – Palmers Sand Pits
The park was opened by Romford UDC before 1960
Queens Hospital. This is a new hospital built on the ground of Oldchurch Park. Building began in 2003 and finished in 2006. It is owned by the Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust and replacing Harold Wood Hospital and Oldchurch Hospitals.

Oldchurch Road
The name of Oldchurch is first recorded as Oldechirchehawe in 1451, and means 'enclosure near the old church', obviously referring to a former church here. This chapel dated from 1177, when it was part of the area of Hornchurch priory. It was dedicated to St. Andrew and was to the south of the junction of South Street and
Oldchurch Road and probably east of the river nearby a ford. This field was called Old Church mead or 'Ruing Meadow', 'Lower Ruings', 'Great Ruings' and 'Three Little Ruings' – which may refere to the site, or to something else altogether.. The village moved as trade on the main London/Colchester Road became important and also to avoid flooding from the Rom. It used to be said that the chapel was swallowed up by an earthquake and that the bells could be heard on St Andrew's Day.

Rom Valley Way
Romford Ice Rink. This was built in 1987 on the site of a football stadium left unfinished by Romford Football Club because of debt problems. The arena opened in 1987 and holds 1,500 spectators for ice hockey games.
Seedbed centre – office space for new businesses
Superstore on the site of Ruing Meadow

Rush Green Road
The road from Ilford to Hornchurch. ‘Rush Green’ obviously means the ‘area where rushes grow’
The Romford Canal. It is assumed that the canal would have crossed what is now the intersection with Rom Valley Way
148 The Havering Well venue. Part of The Tavern Pub
YMCA .It is thought that the Romford Canal, had it been built, would have crossed the car park running parallel to the Rom

South Street
South Essex Water Works Company offices and works here from 1887 until mid 20th.


Liz Graham said…
I have an original counterpart lease for Havering Well House, Hornchurch Road Romford dated 1899 between Mrs. E.T.W. Strugnell and Mr. Alfred Barber. I am lead to believe that this house might have been bought by Roneo Ltd and then pulled down, and that Roneo corner stands on this spot. Would you have any idea if this is correct?

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