Thames Tributary Ingrebourne - Rainham

Thames Tributary Ingrebourne
The Ingrebourne, now Rainham Creek, continues flowing south west

Post to the west Dagenham Marshes
Post to the east Rainham
Post to the south Rainham Marsh

Consul Avenue

The road winds through an area of light industry and other trading activities.
Riverside Sewage Treatment Works. Built in 1924 by Romford Rural District Council for Dagenham sewage. 1931Dagenham Urban District Council extended it. This work processed the sewage into a dry fertilizer called 'Dagfert'. The works has since been very considerably enlarged and upgraded. It discharges treated effluent into the Creek.
Charlie’s cafe
Parkland area on the site of old wharves off Bridge Road
Creek wharf. The creek was being used for shipping activity as early as 1200. In the 15th wool was traded to France and in the 16th ships were probably built here. In 1526 a wharf and granary were leased from the landholding, Hospitallers and coal handling is recorded in the 18th. In 1718 John Harle acquired the wharf, improved it and used it for handling building materials, coal, and corn He later built Rainham Hall. In the late 18th it was used by cola merchants and maltsters,. Rose, Pratt, and Daldy, and a maltings here dated from the 19th and was demolished in the late 1940s. The wharf passed down through Harle’s family who let it out until the late 19th when it was purchased by Daldy & Co who traded there until 1920. In 1927 it was known as Station Wharf and used by John Newman Ltd., timber merchants until 1969.

Hubert Road
Plotland scattered development built in the 1930s.

Lamson Road
Trading estates and industrial activities.

Manor Way
Mudland Farm
Mudlands Industrial Estate
Denver Industrial Estate

New Road
Coffin - In 1928 workmen found a stone coffin here containing two Romans people lying head to foot.
Rainham Steel. Founded in 1973, by Bill Ives, as a Steel Stockholder. The Head quarters and one of their distribution depots is in Rainham
Silver Hall social club


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