Thames Tributary Ingrebourne - Berwick Pond

Thames Tributary Ingrebourne
The Ingrebourne flows south west and is joined by a tributary stream flowing from the east at Berwick Pond.

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Essex  countryside on the eastern edge of Hornchurch and Rainham. This country park area lies alongside the Ingrebourne and ponds used for fishing.  Mid-20th century housing.

Post to the west South Hornchurch
Post to the north Hornchurch
Post to the east Berwick Manort

Abbey Wood
This is ‘woodland belonging to an abbey' – the abbey referred to is Barking Abbey.

Abbey Wood Lane
Berwick Pond.  Berwick pond 'barley farm' lending its name to the Pond, fed by a tributary which joins the Ingrebourne near Abbey Wood
A Gabion seat by Steve Follett stands at the western end of the pond. Gabion is a metal cage structure used by construction workers. The pond is a carp fishery

Hornchurch Country Park This is on the area of Hornchurch Airfield, used by RAF in both world wars.
Eastern Pathway. This follows the route of the old perimeter road.

Parsonage Estate. Interwar housing built on plotland developments – often as weekend cottages. Some bombing and ownership lost during the Second World War.


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