Thames Tributary River Rom -Bournebridge Lane

Thames Tributary River Rom
The Rom flows south west and is joined by the Spurgate Brook from the west

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Countryside area with scattered farms

Post to the west Lambourne End
Post to the north Stapleford Abbotts
Post to the east Bournebridge
Post to the south Havering Park

Bournebridge Lane
Crown Park Farm
Bournebridge Farm
Knolls Hill Farm. This is on the site of a mansion demolished in the 19th. At the end of the 14th century it was owned by Henry Despenser, Bishop of Norwich but had passed into secular ownership by the 16th. In 1606 it was the centre of an estate of nearly 300 acres. In the mid-18th it was a country house owned by Sir John Fortescue-Aland and standing on part of the present farm-yard. By 1835 it had become a farm-house and the house later demolished, cottages being built with the bricks. Traces of the terraced gardens are extant and there is said to be the bricked up entrance to a tunnel that went to Blackbush Farm.

Lords Walk

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