Black Brook - Rise Park

Thames Tributary Blacks Brook
Streams flow down from Havering atte Bower to form Blacks Brook which flows southwards towards the River Rom.

Post to the north Havering atte Bower

Post to the west not done

Post to the east Heaton Grange

Post to the south Raphael Park

Chase Cross
The name probably indicates a wayside cross in the forest' or might refer to a local personal name. Until the 19th it was a cross roads of the major north/south and east/west routes through the area.

Havering Road
Bower Park School –
was previously called Chase Cross Secondary Modern School. The school was opened in 1949 and originally occupied the building intended for Gobions primary school. The boys department was built in 1950 and the girls in 1955. In the 1970s they were amalgamated, and in 1973 it became comprehensive. I was renamed Bower Park in 1989.

Rise Park
Thomas England, a local councillor, had a vision of a green corridor running from Romford to Havering-atte-Bower and in 1937, he donated 23.50 acres of Lodge Park Farm for the creation of Rise Park

Risebridge Chase
Risebridge as a name indicates a bridge or causeway over boggy ground and the name dates from the mid 13th.
Sunnyside Farm

Risebridge Golf Course Opened in 1972 on land once used by Risebridge Farm by the local council.


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