The London/Essexborder - Great Warley

Boundary London/Essex/Havering. The boundary follows a path going southwards to Stoneyhylls Farm. It then curves south west crossing a path and the M25 and then turns sharp south west crossing Warley Road. It follows the edge of Foxburrow Wood and then turns sharp eastwards along a path. Crosses the M25 and continues to cross Berends Lane and then continues east along the edge of Well Wood (called Coombe Wood on the other map).
The boundary has been adjusted to just run down the M25

Post to the north Boyles Court

Post to the west Tyler's Common

Sites on the Essex side of the border

Warley Road
Worm Walk Shaw. Part of Jermain’s Wood with oak and hazel and a layer of bracken and bluebell.
Jermains Wood. Ancient woodland with good flora. Ash is dominant but suffering from die-back. There is mature hornbeam coppice in the north. The ground cover includes bluebell with dog's mercury ground ivy and moschatel. There are glades in the wood and a mown ride through the centre. On the western boundary is an old woodland ditch and bank runs topped by large oaks and hornbeams and a stream runs along the southern boundary. An area in the middle of the wood has been felled. Birds include hobby and sparrowhawk.

Bridge Wood
Jacksons Wood. Ancient woodland
Tylers Wood. A small grassland hilltop and valley side sloping to a bridleway connecting across the M25. Nice views
Stoneyhylls Farm. Chicken farm.

Coombe Green
Stonehills House
Tylers Croft

Foxburrow Wood

Coombe Wood

Well Wood


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