London/Essex boundary - Hainault Central

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The London/ Redbridge /Essex boundary goes east parallel with Hainault Way and Brocket Way but turns south east at Romford Road and follows the road to a site and turns north east at that point
Thames Tributary Seven Kings Water flows south west on the line of Peregrine Road

Post to the west Grange Hill & Hainault

Sites on the London, Redbridge side of the boundary

Agister Road
Maintains the general spirit of forestry terms. An agister was appointed by the king to settle claims regarding cattle pasture and pigs searching for acorns.

Brocket Way
Houses of the sort most common on the Hainault Estate. Steel-frames with pressed-steel-sheet cladding on the upper floors. Many are largely intact, and retain much of the original colouring introduced to avoid monotony. But some are reclad in brick.

Falconer Road

Fowler Road

Hainault Estate
Built by the London County Council in the mid-1940s. The land was bought in 1943for an 'out-county' cottage estate with permanent prefabricated construction favoured in the late 1940s. Development went ahead in 1947-53, by the Valuer's Department under Cyril Walker – but before the radical work of the council's architects in the 1950s although it is more thought out than Becontree. Simple planning, with parallel roads curving over the contours of the site, with street names relating to Hainault Forest's history. There was an industrial area and a mixture of housing was planned to encourage higher income families to the

Huntsman Road
Hainault Forest High School was previously Kingswood Secondary School, by Yorke, Rosenberg Mardall, 1951, a typical design with lots of friendly detail. Two-storey teaching block and offices either side of a hall, divided by mosaic-clad columns. Geometric- tiles by Peggy Angus. The Assembly Hall and Dining Hall are at a higher level with steel roof trusses with wavy bracing. Chimney with drum water tower faced in blue mosaic.

Manford Way
Shopping centre begun in 1949, close to the church and community centres. Designed to accommodate large 'multiples' and small stores with flats and maisonettes above. Light-brown glazed tiling.
Coppice Primary School

New North Road
Water works and reservoir

Peregrine Road
This runs parallel to Seven Kings Water

Roebuck Road

Verderers Road
Maintains the general spirit of forestry terms. A verderer was a forest official mainly concerned with the timber, but in some forests he had the power of trying minor offences;


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