The London/Essex border - Hainault Forest

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The London/Redbridge/Essex boundary goes From Cabin Hill and follows the belt of woodland where it meets the Havering Boundary
The London/Havering/Essex Boundary goes from the woodland goes due east cutting across the top of Sandhill

Post to the west Hainault Forest
Post to the east Havering Park

Post to the south not done

Sites on the London side of the border

Hainault Country Park


Lower Sandhills. Large blocks of woodland with ash, hornbeam, oak, hazel, holly and honeysuckle. There are also planted trees such as Scots pine and common lime. The oaks have rot with nest holes, and terrestrial fungi. Birds include hobby, goldcrest, nuthatch and three woodpeckers. Large flocks of finches in winter include lesser redpoll and siskin, and crossbills.

Mile Plantation. larger block of woodland with ash, hornbeam and oak.


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