The London/Essex border - Great Warley

Boundary London/Essex/Havering The boundary goes eastwards across the top of Gibblins Shaw, crosses the M25, continues along the southern boundary of a wood, Top Plantation, crosses a belt of woodland, the northern section of Jackson’s Wood, and continues on the other side of it along the southern boundary of wood. It intercepts a south bound path at the edge of the wood, which is coming from Boyle’s Court Farm, and turns south to follow the path.
Recent changes mean that the boundary having crossed the M25 north of Gibblings Shaw, turns south and continues down the Motorway.

Post to the west Harold Park

Post to the east Warley Road

Post to the south Great Warley

Sites on the Essex side of the boundary

Dark Lane
Once a green lane between Brook Street and Warley
Boyles Court. 1776, red brick. Rebuilt with wrong design in the18th. Now a remand home and assessment centre. Medieval manor house,. Rebuilt and became the home of the RC Lescher family.
Top Plantation
Tylers Shaw

Sites on the London, Havering, side of the boundary
Gibblings Shaw


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