London/Essex boundary - Hainault Forest Cabin Hill

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The London/Redbridge/Essex boundary goes north east across Hainault Forest to Cabin Hill

Post to the north Lambourne End

Post to the south Hainault Forest

Post to the west Chigwell Row Maypole

Sites on the London,Redbridge side of the boundary

Crabtree woods

Hainault Country Park,
That part of the Forest of Essex, east of the Roding, was owned by Barking Abbey until the Dissolution, after which the Crown took it over. This Part of the hunting forest was enclosed in 1851 and then cleared for farming. The London County Council bought Lambourne Common in 1903 and an extension to it in 1934. It has some agricultural use and there is a golf course. The 800 acres of Fox Burrows Farm and surviving woodland was preserved in 1902-5 through the efforts of Edward North Buxton, Verderer of Epping Forest. He encouraged the LCC to purchase the land, oversee its reafforestation and replanting for grass and heathland, and to open it to the public. The Park was opened in 1906

Roes Well

Sheep Water

Weddrells’ Plain. Boulder Clay filled with flint and chalk indicates where the last glacier stopped advancing, just north of London, during the last Ice Age
Cabin Plain. High point in the Forest, with the acidic grassland of formed of Bagshot Beds – a cap of gravelly sand deposited by shallow seas. Opening ceremony here on Saturday 21 July 1906, with crowds to see the Earl of Carrington, president of the Board of Agriculture, declared the new Forest officially open. First World War hutments

Sites on the Essex side of the border

Manor Road
Coal post. North side outside Sheepcotes


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