M25 Whitehill

Post to the east Big Pickle
Post to the north Redhill Brook
Post to the west Warwick Wold

Black Bushes
Coppice and site of nature conservation importance

Hextalls Lane
The Hermitage, This large house is now divided into a number of separate dwellings
Old Hextalls.  The house is built of firestone. There is a well to the rear of the houses  It is lined with firestone with a pipe to take water into the huse.

Kitchen Copse
Owned by Surrey Wildlife Trust. Semi natural coppiced woodland


Place Farm Road
Place Farm. This includes the remains of the 16th gatehouse to Bletchingly Place. The house was rebuilt in  the 18th. It is in red and brown brick. A central with a  wood columned portico in the blocked former gateway.
Bletchingley Place The Gatehouse is the only remaining building from Bletchingley Place, built by Duke of Buckingham, appropriated by Henry VIII and given to Anne of Cleves in 1540 after her divorce from the King. The house was demolished in 1680 by the Earl of Peterborough. There have been some excavations finding a medieval or post medieval manor house. The house is said to have been in Brewer Street. The meadow on the west side of the house contains a number of terraces which may be the remains of ornamental gardens.
Cleves Cottage . This is in wealdstone with brick dressings.
Barn. This is 17th made from re-used Tudor bricks.
Bletchingley Place. Drains. These were uncovered during excavations in 1993. It consists of two conduits near  the northern edge of  Place Farm.
Well.  Archaeologists found a 13th well which could have supplied water for the big house.

The Conduit
Bridle Way running north east from Whitehill. Said to be very rough and steep. It is part of a road network made up of private streets and bridleways managed by the Whitehill Residents Association.
Red Gables Court. The house was built in the early 1900’s as a convalescent retreat for the wealthy, It is ‘in the Lutyens style’.In the Great War it was a convalescent home for troops.
Red Gables Lodge, this was built as housing for medical staff.
Tip Cottage. . This was the Acetylene house now converted to housing, The entire development was originally lit by gas generated here,
Mine shafts. These lay between the M25 and The Conduit. There were bumps in a field and also spoil heaps in a nearby copse,

Whitehill Cottage. 17th house
Old Quarry Hall Farm
Becks Cottage. 17th house. This was previously called Little Heckstall.
Conduit Shaw. Woodland site of designated nature protection
Brick field. This is shown on maps in the 19th at the junction with The Conduit. It had closed by 1900.

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