M25 Downside Horsley Road

Post to the east Downside Bookham Road
Post to the north Chilbrook

Goose Green
This tiny strip of land alongside the motorway is registered common land and part of Downside Common.  Was it used for pasturing geese?  There was medicinal well here apparently discovered in 1670. This well is shown on 19th maps and was apparently still extant in the 1930s. At the bottom of the well were ‘stones like Bristol diamonds’.

Horsley Road
Bull Riding Farm. The farm now includes a vet’s practice
Oakdene Farm
Highway Farm
Peaked Rough. This is now a paintball games establishment. There is an American military vehicle displayed in the entrance on the road

Cobham Service Area. This includes the ‘back gate’ to these services which is in the square to the east,

Old Oak Common
This is a small stretch of woodland

International grotto directory. Web site
Guildford Council Web site
Tayor. Cobham. A History


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