M25 Leatherhead Ermyn Way

Post to the east Stane Street
Post to the west Leatherhead Fortyfoot

Ermyn Way
Rayon Manufacturing Company. From 1926 artificial silk was made here by the Rayon Manufacturing Company. It closed because of a shortage of water on site and because of complaints about smell.
Goblin. Goblin took over the Rayon Company site in 1938, having moved from Fulham. Cecil Booth had designed and patented the prototype cleaner in 1901, setting up what became Goblin where the first portable cleaner was made in 1904, electrically driven from 1911. In the Second Wold War they made munitions and other equipment. Post war they made vacuum cleaners and large fixed plants for major buildings and ships.  In a market now dominated by Hoover they also diversified into gadgets like the Teasmade. By the 1970s the factory needed modernising and the site was sold and the company moved to Hampshire. The factory was demolished in 1984
Esso House. This is a headquarters for Esso opened in 1990. They are now part of Exxon Mobile.
Milner House. This was originally a 19th private house called The Long House. It was, bought by the Ex-Services Welfare Society for the Mentally Disabled after the Great War.  It is now a private nursing home
Remploy factory. Hunter's Workshops  were built adjacent to Milner House for access by their residents.  It was later taken over by Thermega Ltd who made woollen goods, electric blankets and medical heating pads. They employed disabled people from Milner House.  In 1981 Remploy took it over employing registered disabled people and later recycling electrical goods. It was closed down in 2007.


Warren Way
Chace Farm Stud.  Livery Stables.
Vodaphone Mast

Industrial Archaeology of the Mole Valley
Mole Valley District Council. Web site
Remploy. Web site
Vardey. Leatherhead


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