M25 Downside Bookham Road

Post to the east Bookham Lodge
Post to the north Downside
Post to the west Downside Horsley Road

Beaumont Plantation

Bookham Road
New Barn Farm
Chasemore Farm.  This was Dodewyck which means Dudda’s dairy farm. It is now a stud farm. There is an 18th house which was the home of the Freke family from the 14th . The family were woodmongers of London.   Bookham Brook flows through the farm site
Chasemore Wood
Down Wood. The wood has been cut in half by the motorway. It has boundary defined by the remnants of an earth bank and ditch, with coppiced hazel and other species. A bank surrounding a wood is usually associated with medieval woodland management. This is an Ancient Woodland, with oak, silver birch and coppiced hazel plus wild cherry, red oak, field maple and ash. At the edges is planted rhododendron and Leylandii on the motorway embankment.

This section dates from 1986 and cuts through Down Wood. This western section is in a cutting but rises to grade level past New Barn Farm and rises on an embankment as it goes. It goes over the top of Bookham Road and the railway.
Cobham Service Area. This opened in 2012 and is the largest service are in the country. It is based on the south side of the motorway but serves both directions.

Mole Valley District Council. Web site
SABRE. Web site
Taylor. Cobham – a History.


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