M25 Colley Hill

Post to the east Reigate Hill
Post to the west Mogador

Buckland Road
This is a bridle way for the stretch which is on this square

Colley Hill
The National Trust along with Reigate and Banstead Council own the whole of the ridge here,.
Water tower,, Built in 1910 and owned by Surrey & District Water Co.
Colley Hill Hearthstone mines 1890, Reigate Mines until 1961, The main site is in the square to the south of this. There were also whiting extraction sites.
Natural chalk cave. This was in the area of the water tower. It appeared as a result of subsidence in 1966. It had a cavity 30ft long following the slope of the hill. In heavy rain  water flows into the cave and chalk is dissolved extending the cave.
Inglis Memorial drinking fountain. This was donated to the Borough by Lt Col Inglis in 1909. It was then for use by horses and was at the top of the original route up Reigate Hill. It houses a direction indicator and retains its mosaic roof
Obelisk. This is in memory of George Simpson Captain 5th Battalion The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment.
The Saddle Knob. This is a grassy slope, with an old quarry at its foot

Dents Farm. Stable and livery

Footpath between Margery Grove and Colley Hill
City of London Coal Tax post on the north side

Margery Grove
City of London Coal Tax post east side 200 yards from the south end
City of London Coal Tax post east side 100 yards from the south end
City of London Coal Tax post east side at the south end,. This is the most southerly post

Margery Wood
Woodland described as ‘fragmented habitat’ with lots of bluebells.


Queen's Park
Parkland. This is an area of Colley Hill, presented to the borough of Reigate in 1902 by Mr. George Taylor as a pleasure ground.  This site is between 600 and 700 feet above sea-level with extensive views.

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