M25 Gatton Bottom

Post to the east Merstham Centre
Post to the west Upper Gatton

Ashstead Hill
Hill with what may be remains of prehistoric earthworks

Gatton Park
This square covers only a small part of the park. The town hall, the school and various monuments are in the square to the south.

Jubilee Plantations
Sites of nature conservation interest


Rocky Lane
Whitehall Farm. Farm with barns where soft fruit was once a speciality. There are mine shafts on the site.
North Lodge. This lodge marks the main entrance to Gatton Park and the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. It is a small square, single storey building from the early 19th. White-washed and thatched with a thatch cat and bird on the roof, It is surrounded by a picket fence and a  gate with wrought iron ornament.
Orpington Nurseries. This nursery was well known post Second World War for its prize winning chrysanthemums and irises.

Tower Wood
This is predominantly beech and Yew with a sub canopy of box.
Stone mine. This was a source of Reigate Stone, used extensively for medieval and post-medieval buildings in London and the Home Counties. Quarrying was carried on in the 19th and was amongst the 109 quarries surveyed in 1834. Commercial quarrying was carried out until the 1870s. In the 2000s this quarry was opened for investigations and a. permanent access shaft of concrete rings was installed . Inside The pillar-and-stall quarry has seven or eight sub-parallel extraction tunnels running steeply down-dip, linked by narrow man-ways. The walls and working faces have toolmarks and low-level axle marks where low wheeled trolleys were used,

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