M25 Rockshaw Road

Post to the east Redhill Brook
Post to the south Warwick Wold
Post to the west Rockshaw Road


Pendell Wood
Wood of nature conservation importance

Rockshaw Road
Chaldon Rise Nursing Home. This was Merstham Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital which opened in 1915. It was staffed by the Surrey/84 Voluntary Aid Detachment and later affiliated to the Horton (County of London) War Hospital in Epsom. A recreation room was built in the garden. It closed in 1919. The current nursing home cares for adults with mental health disorders.

Spring Bottom Lane
Said to be quarry and mine remains in the area

Warwick Wold Road
Rockshaw House. The house appears to date from the 1880s and used as a private residence. In the Second World it was initially used as a home for girls guarded by nuns. Later it was used by the Royal Corps of Signals, Canadian soldiers and then REME. Considerable damage was done. After the War it became a furniture depository for Batchelar & Son Ltd which of Croydon. By the early 1950s it was in total disrepair and in 1955 it was demolished. A year later it was replaced and the present house built.
Furzefield Wood. This is ancient woodland with many old oak trees

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