M25 Stane Street

Post to the west Leatherhead Ermyn Way

Addlestone Wood
Ancient semi-natural woodland. Hazel under oak with flora

Where the M25 crosses Stane Street (Pebble Lane) it is alleged a tunnel was built for badgers.

Pebble Lane Stane Street
Stane Street is a Roman road and as such on this stretch is a designated ancient monument. Roman roads were artificially made-up routes built by the Roman army from AD 43. They were to facitate the Imperial mail service, were also commercial routes and provided a network for settlement and industry. Many of them have continued in use and are beneath modern roads but the 3km length of Stane Street from Mickleham Downs survives well as part of a major route originally from Chichester to London. It has a central agger with a ditch on each side - visible in places as a U-shaped depression. South of Thirty Acres Barn the road forms a terrace cut into the chalk. Pebbles from the original construction have given the lane its current name. The lane is now subject to restrictions because of adjacent wealthy properties.
Concrete blocks where the lane crosses Headley Road. These look like defence strucrture

Shepherds Walk Stane Street
Thirty Acres Barn. This is a racehorse training establishment
Barrow mounds appear to show in aeriel photographs of  the area around the barn

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