M25 Dorking Road Walton

Post to the east Walton Heath
Post to the north Walton Park Wood

Dorking Road
Toll Cottage. This was apparently a toll house on a turnpike road under the (Sutton (Surrey), Reigate and Povey Cross Road Act. Now a private house.
Queens Wood

Herring Grove
Woodland, apparently which has suffered bad storm damage


Sturts Lane
DEP Frith Park. Frith Park was used by DEP Ltd - a company making printing ink. It had been founded in Frankfurt by Samuel Kahn in 1908 and moved to England to escape the Nazis persecution, Samuel brought his family and business to Britain and establish. Later the company moved here and became DEP Ltd with products for the Offset printing industry. Production is now based in Runcorn.
Frith Park. The mansion and other buildings are to be turned into flats and other housing.
Frith Park Farm. Farmhouse.  Half of the current build is 16th with a timber-frame but refronted in late 17th and extended again in the 19th and 20th. There are also stables and a flint walled piggery. The farm is surrounded by deciduous woodlands separated by fields, and the area is crossed by a network of accessible paths

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