M25 Burnthouse

Post to the north Hawley
Post to the east Hawley
Post to the south Clement Street

Roads on this square consist entirely of a network of roads between Burnthouse and Shirehall Roads. This presents an unresolved (by Edith at least) problem. On the 1868 OS map (the oldest we have) the western end of the area is laid out with what appears to be a building plan.  This is for something extremely large to be built here with a frontage on Burnthouse Lane. There seems to be a very very large rectangular building together with a parallel range of smaller, but still very large blocks.  Was some sort of institution planned?
After that the area seems to be let or sold in small plots, initially mainly as nurseries but latterly housing.  Today the area is almost entirely housing with every sign of a plotland development – random housing design, no facilities and unmade roads.

Burnthouse Lane
This lane once continued down to Hawley Road but is now cut off by the motorway and has become a footpath
Burnt House – this house, or houses, was at the corner with Shirehall Road and was still present in the 1930s

Mill Road
Hilltop Nursery 1930s


Shirehall Road
Yew Tree Farm and the Chalcroft Nursery
120 Hawley Gospel Trust.  This appears to be a Gospel Hall used by the Brethren at Hawley.

Chalcroft Nursery.  Web site


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