M25 Wested Crockenhill

Post to the east Crockenhill Lane
Post to the west Crockenhill
Post to the south Eynsford and Crockenhill

Cackethills Wood.
The wood is mentioned in a document of 1503. Today it has 19 species of tree, including beech and hornbeam. There is said to be a chalk pit in the wood –possibly on the southern boundary -  with white chalk and flints found at a depth of fifteen feet.

Eynsford Road
Football Ground. Crockenhill Football Club.In the 1920s there were two football clubs in Crockenhill and Crockenhill United played here, at Wested Meadows.   The present club followed a Boxing Day 1946 match between Mudhole Dynamo and Crockenhill Youth. Wested Meadows had no facilities but in the Second World War was used for barrage balloons and there was a Nissen Hut which became a clubhouse to which was added a loudspeaker and a grandstand. They also acquired an antique 19th turnstile from Thameside Amateurs.. In the 1987 storm the roof blew off the grandstand but it has been replaced in corrugated iron and some seating installed using oil drums.
Wested Farm. In 1908 the farm was leased by George Miller who had a lavender distillery in Mitcham. The farm then was mainly used for soft fruit growing and vegetables which were sold at Covent Garden. Miller also grew peppermint here commercially which was taken by steam lorry to Mitcham for distilling. . By the 1930s over 100 people were employed here. Many Miller family had died and the they left the farm in 1958.  In the 1990s the farm was again used for market gardening with a variety of businesses in farm outbuildings.
Wested Farmhouse. Early 18th red brick house.
Barn and Chaff House. The barn is late 17th and the  chaff house 18th  It is an aisled timber barn, clad in 20th bricks. There are two  waggon entrances.  There was also once an oast house which was bombed in the Second World War. .

Horncross Shaw
Woodland with 16 species of trees. Archaeologists discovered a minor medieval settlement here during trial trenching prior to construction of the M25 in 1984


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