M25 Dartford Crossing and Crossways

Post to the north Littlebrook and Purfleet Jetties
Post to the east Stone Marshes
Post to the south Stone Lodge
Post to the west Dartford Bob Dunn Way

Anchor Boulevard
Sculpture on the roundabout
Laing O’Rourke. Head office of international engineering and construction company. This is a family owned company dating to 1848.
Trading and Distribution units

Bridge Close
Trading and Distribution units

Edison Business Park.
British Gas Academy – gas industry training centre

Capstan Court
Trading and Distribution units

Clipper Boulevard
Campanalie Hotel

The area in this square to the east of the Crossing consists almost entirely of the Crossways business area which dates from the late 1980s. Crossways comprises five business areas :- Masthead, Newtons Court, Edisons Park, Admirals Park and Charles Park. It has hotels and a publ  in a landscaped park environment with lakes and seating areas.

Crossways Boulevard
A206 The road dates from the mid-1990s as an extension of a Thames side route connecting the Dartford Tunnel while bypassing central Dartford.
Regius Hotel
Double Tree Hilton. Hotel.

Dartford Crossing
The crossing spans the River between Dartford and Thurrock outside the Greater London boundary. The design capacity was 135,000 vehicles a day, but in practice it carries around 160,000.  It effectively takes the orebital M25 over the river but the approach roads are the all-vehicle A282. Southbound traffic crosses the by the four-lane Queen Elizabeth bridge, and northbound traffic uses both of the two-lane tunnels.

Dartford Tunnel Approach
Toll booths for payment of the crossing charge were on the south side for both. The Toll Booths have now been removed and a free-flow electronic charging system called Dart Charge is based on automatic number plate recognition.
Cycling crossing. In 1963 speical buses took cyclists through the Dartford Tunnel. These were not used for very long and cyclists now have to telephone for an escort.
Service area – a large area on the approaches to the tunnel appears to be devoted to services for the tunnel, bridge and motorway. It apparently includes a marshalling area for vehicles which need an escort, as well as police, fire and maintenance areas.

Galleons Boulevard
Cotton Lake. This is a carp fishing lake run by a syndicate with, apparently, a very long waiting list.
The Wharf. Shepherd Neame pub. Generic

Manor Road
This is a new road west of the Crossing
Sainsbury’s Depot Distribution Centre

This was first phase of Crossways completed in 1988.

Schooner Court
Cotton Farm was roughly in this area, and was the farm whose fields covered much of this area. It was demolished in the 1970s.

The Bridge
This is a newly developed area west of the Dartford Crossing. It is developed by ProLogis Developments Limited and Dartford Borough Council with office, science park and industrial space plus homes and facilities, a shopping centre, a hotel and a Learning & Community Campus.
Institute for Sustainability and SusCon. This will be a centre for independent sustainability research and knowledge.
North Kent College. This will be a construction training  centre
The Busway. The takes the Fastrack bus service which will eventually provide a network of express bus routes in this area often following new dedicated roads. At the western end of The Bridge a development allows Fastrack buses on Route 'A', and no other vehicles, to pass under the QEII bridge approach to rejoin the public road system on the Crossways Boulevard.  A blue coloured surface at the entrance to the busway emphasises that the road is for buses only.

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