M25 Dartford Bob Dunn Way

Post to the east Dartford Crossing and Crossways
Post to the north Long Reach
Post to the south Bow Arrow

Abbey Mead Close
New built housing

Bob Dunn Way
This was previously University Way and is the A206. Bob Dunn was a Tory members of parliament for Dartford. It is a Dartford Bypass, the third to be built but the first to the north of the town..It was originally planned to build a University of Greenwich's campus here.
Littlebrook Interchange. This is also junction 1a of the A282 (in effect the M25. This dumbbell shaped junction was first built in 1988 as a unclassified junction for the opening of Crossways. In 1993, the A206, now Bob Dunn Way, was extended to here and crossed  the Tunnel Approach Roads to reach Crossways three years late and six years after that reached Bluewater. This is a very busy junction.

Ellingham View
Housing arranged around a lake on what was once marshland.

Halcrow Avenue
The Beacon Beefeater Pub and Premier Inn. Built 2011.

Henderson’s Drive
Temple Belle Pub. This is now a Tesco Express.  It closed as a pub in 2009

Littlebrook Manor Way
This is the old road going from the top of Temple Hill down into the marshes to Littlebrook Farm.
Littlebrook Farm. Marshland farm, with chalk and gravel extraction nearby. Site of a Second World War anti-aircraft battery.  The fields became a site for the power station.

Marsh Street
This is another old road going from the town into the marsh.  It now runs as a footpath through the Temple Hill Estate
Joyce Green Cemetery. This was the cemetery for the Joyce Green hospital, originally a riverside fever and smallpox hospital and latterly a general hospital. The cemetery is consecrated land, and there are 1039 bodies are in just 292 graves. Half of the burials are for children under 14 years of age. In 1994 University Way, the new northern by-pass cut the Hospital land in two leaving the cemetery on the southern side. None of the grave markers are left standing today, many have been buried by accumulated leaf litter. In 1977 the Department of Health offered to sell the Cemetery to Dartford Borough Council but this was not taken up. It is now owned by the Temple Hill Trust who bought it in 2009 for a nominal fee. The Trust want to maintain the flora and fauna and provide a green space for all to use.

Marsh Street North
A rebuild of the old pathway into the marsh. Now a wide road with new houses and industrial units

University Way
An elevated remains of University Way – presumably left for the benefit of the hotel
Holiday Inn Express. Hotel.

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