M25 Sundridge Road Chevening

Post to the north Star Hill
Post to the south Chipstead

Chevening Road
This runs alongside the wall of Chevening House on its west side

Chevening Interchange. The majority of Junction 5 is in the square to the south. In this square the M25 runs south with the A21 alongside it.  One slip leaves in a loop and takes traffic onto the, finally westbound, M25. Meanwhile other slips come into the system from the westbound M26.  This complex junction is apparently the result of half built ringway plans which were then abandoned and the resulting road abandoned.
Edward Shaw – small wood alongside the motorway
Bridge. A bridge over the M25/A21 takes a farm road from Morants Court to Morants Court Farm.

This road, which gets to the interchange from the east, is a link between M25 and the M20. It was originally supposed to be part of M25 Ringway 4. However it goes forward with various slips coming and going off it and then becomes the M25 going westward (in the square to the south)

Sundridge Road
Turvin’s Farm. A track from here to Chevening Church is probably an ancient route called The Greenway
Chevening Cross – crossroads with Chevening Road.

A History of the Parish of Chevening
SABRE. Web site


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